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Window Designs

2018 & 2017 Designs

2018 Design

The 2nd Street Holiday Window Walk is a student design competition in which college students around the Austin area create Christmas displays for various storefronts across the 2nd Street District. The I worked with a budget of $500, and I used every bit of my budget. The store I worked with for the 2018 season had 3 large windows that they allowed me to use, which let me be expansive with my design. My window was a timeline through the Holiday Season, beginning with a winter scene in the far left window,  Christmas display in the middle window, and a New Years theme in the far right window. My design won 2nd place overall, and was featured in a video on KTBC Fox 7 in Austin.

Christmas Themed Window

Photo by Lucinda Culver, 2018

Winter Themed Window

Photo by Lucinda Culver, 2017

New Years Themed Window

Photo by Lucinda Culver, 2017

2017 Design

For the 2017 Holiday season, I teamed up with Austin Rocks, a local Austin music themed merchandise store. I created a music themed display for their window consisting of a Christmas tree made of records, a disco ball made of CD’s, garland trimmed with 45’s and cassette tapes, and presents wrapped in sheet music. I won first place overall. After the holiday season was over and the window was taken down, Antone’s Night Club on 5th street in downtown Austin, wanted my record tree for their merchandise display, and it’s been there since!

Close Up of Record Tree

Photo by Lucinda Culver, 2017

First Place Check

Photo by Lucinda Culver, 2017